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Yi Yun is the main protagonist of the novel True Martial World. Formerly a mortal from modern Earth that had unwittingly stumbled upon a Mysterious Card and was transported to the Tian Yuan World of cultivators and martial arts.

He then would begin to carve his own martial path and become a legendary peerless expert. He is sometimes described as being a pretty boy. He had also grown taller, becoming a handsome young lad. Yi Yun gave off a brand new aura after breaking into the Meridians Stage. He stood on a large rock, with his body like a sheathed sword. He had an overpowering presence. Such a young lad no longer looked like a poor kid who had nothing to eat.

He was like a diamond in the rough but had already shown the inkling of his beautiful luster. Soft lines featured his handsome face, but his eyebrows contained verve, making him still look masculine.

Although Yi Yun was still short, his body was fit.

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His legs were long and slender, making him bring out the beauty of the flying fish robe. Yi Yun was like a precious sword that had been unsheathed. After leaving the Meteorite Abyss he had unconsciously grown to the height of an adult male, he would even be above average amongst adults.

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His body became more and more stout, and his muscles were toned but not exaggerated. Besides his face having a tinge of childishness, he looked no different from an adult when one looked at him from the back. After repeated Marrow Cleansingsand with the transformation of the pure Yang Qi, Yi Yun really felt as if he was slowly being reborn.

His muscles gave off an elegant beauty. They were like a mountain stream and were like nature itself. He gave off the feeling of a gentle scholar.

His nose bridge was high, and the corners of his mouth curved upwards. His dark but slightly unkempt hair covered a portion of his eyes, but it could not hide his bright eyes. His eyes were too clear.Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. World Spiritist. Categories :. Cancel Save. Absorption and refinement of the natural energies found in the roots of the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower given to him by Zhao Hong.

Dao of Martial Cultivation found and absorbed after entering the hidden realm within the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone. Absorbing and refining the cultivation resources and the Dao of martial comprehension writings left behind by Kong Yingyi, the Kong Primogenitor in his legacy inheritance. Succeeding and proving himself in the Sacred Tree Illusionary Fog Trial given to him by a mysterious hidden martial artist who turned out to be Chu Liangshan.

Martial God Asura Chapter 10 (English)

Powerful and special cultivation painting found on the 5th floor of the New Excellence Formation. Comprehended and took complete control of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light after that absorbed and refined all of the cultivation resources left in the formation as well as the symbols of light he already plundered.

A natural oddity Chu Hanxian found and left behind for future descendants that was further cultivated by Chu Xuanyuan as well. As punishment for false charges brought against him.

Chu Feng/Galaxy Realm

Chu Feng found out that the Heavenly Lightning if endured was fusing his bloodline to his very soul allowing him to gain comprehension and energy for two consecutive breakthroughs. After helping Li Yue'er with her breakthrough in the core of the Li Heavenly Clan's Ancestral Formation Chu Feng came under the Lightning Curse which would cause him bouts of severe pain throughout his life but after gaining the acknowledgement of the curse he was able to use the energies of the curse in combination with the energy he already had to have three consecutive breakthroughs himself.

A side benefit from helping Wang Qiang and Blood-devouring Demon Exalted in their fusing with one another was enough natural energies and martial comprehension from a lake filled with the power of the Void Sacred Tree for two breakthroughs.The Asura Road Master was the de facto leader of the ancient races 10 billion years ago.

Out of all the ancient kings of the past, it was he that stood out and claimed his throne as the great cultivator that he was. He is a powerful being that hails from the greatest race. It was through him that the Asura Road was made for the lives of the 33 Heavens.

martial god wiki

He paved his martial road on the asura path, constantly slaughtering countless trillions, challenging ancient beasts, ancient kings and even the heavens itself! Thus, his road was filled with endless slaughter and rivers of blood.

His real name has been lost through the passage of time, that is why people simply refer to him by his moniker, Asura. This person was like a valiant war general and the edges of his face were sharp and distinct, filled with dashing heroism. His eyes seemed to contain the life and destruction of universes, and his eyebrows slashed towards his temples like divine swords.

This was a majestic and handsome man who had the audacity to overturn the heavens and become supreme! Due to his martial path of the asura, his presence was brimming with slaughter intent that manifested like a tsunami, as deep as an endless ocean. Being in his presence would be unbearable. It was majestic and daring, with a killing intent that soared into the heavens, seeming capable of crushing the universe itself.

In fact he seemed the same as an average mortal person. However, one could actually feel a mind-boggling depth of strength from his body. His aura carried with it the strength of the Asura Heavenly Dao, as deep as an endless ocean.

This Asura war god grasped a black dragon spear and wore a suit of battle armor. His body was covered in dragon scales and his hair was wild and free, his momentum awe-inspiring.

Standing in front of this Asura sculpture, Lin Ming could feel a rich slaughter energy rolling off of it, making it difficult to breathe. Even his heart was flooded with tyrannical, archaic, and unbelievably cruel emotions, making one almost lose their sense of self.

During his 33 lives, he had tattoos of the Heavenly Dao carved around their body and face when they use the asura blood. His body was wrapped in thick dragon-like muscles. He had blood red hair that fell down his back and his chest and arms were completely covered with black scales.

On his face, strange demonic runes glowed.

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These demonic runes all seemed to faintly resonate with the Asura Heavenly Dao. His forehead was as sharp as a sword and his eyes were like sabers.Yang Kai was just a trial disciple of High Heaven Pavilion. He was unable to cultivate and his status was that of a servant in the sect, until he met with a fortuitous encounter that changed his destiny. This induced him to move towards the peak of Martial Arts, which seemed to be at an eternal distance from mortals.

He looked frail and weak during his teenage years at High Heaven Pavilion. Later, as he cultivated, his temperament and appearance became more calm and composed. Neither arrogant nor servile, Yang Kai has a calm, shrewd, and confident personality.

He is notable for his ruthlessness toward his enemies, which greatly contrasts his loving, caring, and generous affection for his allies, family, and friends. One day, he fortuitously obtained a Black Bookwhich turned out to contain the legacy of the Great Demon God.

This fixed his genetic defect and allowed him to finally practice Martial Arts, where he subsequently excelled. Later, during a cave trip, he obtained an Ancestral Dragon Sourcewhich would start him on the path to becoming a true Holy Spirit. This wiki.

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martial god wiki

Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.Due to his mother being kidnapped by the Snow Clan, he didn't meet his father and would only get to see his mother sporadically. However every time they would reunite, Meng Qing would regale him of stories of his father. After seeing Lin Zhe Tian's potential, he became the student of a saint of the Snow Clan and was quickly considered to be a future pillar of the Snow Clan.

As Lin Zhe Tian grew up, the Snow Clan wanted him to experience different things, one of which was the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, which he attended with Xue AoLin Zhe Tian watched the entire competition without once indicating whether or not he knew of his father's participation or identity, something which the Snow Clan hadn't realized themselves.

After Lin Feng had realized that the various shrines that were after him would use his sons to try and lure him into a trap, he sent them traveling. While traveling, Lin Zhe Tian made friends with some saints and they decided they would go to the watch Weapon Master Bing create his new weapon.

However upon getting there, it was revealed to the ruse by members of the Empty Space Shrine who had figured out that Daimon was really Lin Feng. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Fan Feed 0 Lin Feng. Universal Conquest Wiki.Princess of Xue Yueshe's initially a lonely and unassuming girl in her life. Tired and disgusted with courtly attitudes, it's not until she's introduced to Lin Fengby her brother Duan Wu Ya in Lovesick Forest during a banquet, that she showed an interest in anyone. After witnessing his domineering and indifferent attitude, a great interest arose from her that was later deepened when Lin Feng became her bodyguard.

After accepting her feelings for Lin Feng and his mutual feelings for her, they arrange to get married.

Martial Arts

However, on her wedding day, the Duan Clan attacked the wedding party and Lin Feng was forced to use his demon swords. During this time, she was extremely worried about Lin Feng condition and spent many years waiting for news of him, until he appears again as a Tian Chi member, making her really happy with his current condition.

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But because of this, she hides the fact of the kidnapping of Lin Feng's parents scared of him turning back to a demon again. After solving the current problem, she saw he part again and was given the task, along with Lin Feng's mother, of healing Liu Fei 's broken heart. Years later during Empress Xi and Nether Emperor Gravestone appearance, she got again reunited with Lin Feng, this time he as someone at the top of the Tian Qi Layer, together with Liu Fei been she really happy for they accepting getting married, something she also wished for Liu Fei.

During her time together with Lin Feng, he is amazed by her growth in cultivation level, being the stronger in the palace at Tian Qi Layer which she confess that she has been getting memories of strong cultivation techniques, which worried Lin Feng due to her circumstances together wih Qiu Yue Xin.

After the events of the Gravestone, she get to know Yan Di's existence and she, together with the entire imperial palace, get moved inside Empress Xi Small world for their protection before Lin Feng Departs once again. She meets Lin Feng once again after this, this time he as a 6th Zun Qi Layer cultivator, and is considered as an elder sister for both Lin Wushang and Liu Fei, which gives her great happiness. After this the three person's relationship got closer and spent time together until Lin Feng's departure.

Years later during Lin Feng's time aboard, Xin Ye gets possessed by her other entity inside her, because of not having anyone able to stop the process, making her stronger than most people in the palace and giving her a cold aura, eventually leaving Xue Yue without any information of her current location. Lin Feng would come later on to destroy Moon Palace and take her back. Afterwards she lives in his small world in his body together with Yue Xin and the others.

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martial god wiki

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. History Princess of Xue Yueshe's initially a lonely and unassuming girl in her life.


Trivia She is one of Empress Xi reincarnations. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Lin Feng. Universal Conquest Wiki.According to the Chu Xianmartial arts are broad and profound that have gone through tremendous evolution since ancient times. Currently, there are three type of martial arts: Flame, Dragon, Star martial arts. Flame Martial arts are regarded as the strongest among the three martial arts. This reasoning is came about because of the usage of powerful seal arts that enables flame cultivators the power to defeat large number of cultivators in same rank.

Dragon Martial arts heavily works on if the cultivator have dragon blood inheritance within their body. This art allows the cultivation the dragon blood to strengthen the mortal body to have massive strength that can throw a rock that weigh about hundred Jin. Dragon Martial users advantage mainly comes from a close combat. Star Martial arts cultivate the power of stars, with each martial artists possessing various unique cultivation method such as healing or different movement skills. This arts is renown to be a power that goes against will of heaven that is capable of moving stars and moons — even capable of destroying a whole empire with single palm.

It is currently lost arts as not many of the cultivation techniques are not pass down to the generations because their were no notable successors. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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